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Upgrading your warehouse?

Improve Safety, Maximise Storage & Increase Efficiency

Before you invest in upgrading the infrastructure of your warehouse find out how Combilift could dramatically increase storage, improve productivity and enhance the safety of your existing warehouse.

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Experts in Maximising Your Storage

With over 21 years experience in volume optimisation our team of warehouse planning experts knows how to make your space work harder for you.


Our free warehouse design consultancy service, when combined with our material handling products, can deliver possible space savings of up to 100%.

Free Site Survey, Without Obligation

Using extensive feedback from you and your existing floor plans we can create compelling visual data to demonstrate how to increase efficiency, maximise storage and improve safety without the need to buy more warehouse or yard space.


This service is FREE and without obligation, so contact Combilift and let us show you how to get the most from your storage space.

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Increase Storage, Reduce Costs

In the very competitive warehousing sector getting the very best most from your space is crucial. With Combilift\'s range of warehousing solutions you can dramatically increase the productivity of your warehouse while reducing costs. Our pioneering product range includes multidirectional, articulated and pedestrian forklifts as well as straddle carriers and container loaders.


Before you start looking for a contractor, consider Combilift. Some of our customers have gained 100% extra storage capacity simply by making the switch to Combilift\'s smart, multi-directional technology.

The Combilift Advantage

At Combilift we are passionate about providing material handling solutions, that increase efficiency, maximise storage and ensures you can work as safely as possible. By combining our warehouse consultancy and our wide range of solutions, space savings of up to 100% are achievable

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without Combilift

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with Combilift

a Combilift to suit your needs

Powerful, precision lifting technology means Combilift can exploit every inch of vertical space while its ability to manoeuvre through narrow aisles and doorways means our customers can dramatically increase the amount of racking in their warehouses.


By optimizing existing storage, Combilift minimises costs, reduces environmental impact and product damage with an overall improvment in safety.

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See How Thermoseal doubled their storage capacity using our warehouse optimisation facitlity

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