Facing the challenges of load handling in snowy conditions 
Handling material in snowy and freezing conditions presents its own set of challenges. Common hazards faced by forklift drivers in snowy conditions include slippery surfaces, poor visibility and sub-zero temperatures.  

Each of these elements can dramatically increase danger to the drivers, goods and by-standers. 

Snow Forklifts

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One of the leading causes of accidents involving forklifts is losing traction and not being able to stop on slippery surfaces. To reduce the chances of such accidents it is important that the forklift is fitted with the correct tyres which are checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition. If necessary, have snow chains fixed to the wheels to aid traction.  

Poor visibility is another contributing reason leading to accidents in wintery conditions. It is vitally important that the forklift trucks lights are working properly and checked before every shift. The work area must also be adequately lighted.  

Icey and snowy conditions create slippy surfaces so it is important that driveways and paths are salted and cleared of ice and snow where possible. 

Freezing temperatures


Cold weather can wreak havoc on the vital components of a forklift and will significantly affect their performance, this is particularly true for electric forklifts. The parts most effected by freezing temperature are batteries, hydraulics, engines and electrical systems.  

Battery electrolytes tend to thicken in freezing temperatures reducing performance. The same applies to the hydraulic and engine oils. It is important that trucks are well maintained, at regular intervals, to reduce the likelihood of component failure.  

In freezing conditions it is important to run the trucks idling to warm them up which helps reduce transmission related failure. 

Operator Safety


Driving a forklift in snowy conditions can seem intimidating but taking a few safety steps can greatly reduce the risks involved. First, it is important to ensure that the operator is protected from weather conditions by wearing the correct outdoor gear, including protection for the extremities such as nose, ears, fingers and toes. It is also important for operators to wear high visibility gear to reduce the risk of accidents. 

Drivers must reduce speeds. Snow and ice make it difficult for the trucks tires to get proper traction, diminishing the chance to safely maneuver without sudden braking or skidding. 

Snow and ice make it difficult to safely navigate when working outdoors. Drivers must remain on high alert when driving in winter conditions, being conscious of their surroundings and pedestrians who may not be aware of their surroundings. 


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