Sapa’s Top Ten Trucks


Sapa’s fleet of 10 Combi-CB 4-way forklifts recently delivered to its aluminium profile extrusion plant near Poznan in Poland is enabling the company to make substantial cost savings as well as offering a higher degree of operational versatility. Sapa Aluminium in Poland develops, tests, sells and stores aluminium sections for windows, doors, facades and glazed roofs and is part of Sapa Holding AB, a leading manufacturer in its field.


When the long-term rental contract for the old electric 4-way trucks was coming to an end, Purchasing Director Marek Skirucha embarked on an evaluation of forklifts on the market in a bid to reduce the high maintenance costs associated with the previous fleet. He was also keen to define a specific standard of customised machine capable of meeting current as well as future requirements at the plant.


“The more we looked at the Combilift range, the more we realised that collaboration with this specialist manufacturer would enable us to adapt to changing market demands when it comes to the handling and storage of our products,” says Marek. “Although other brands offer a certain level of customisation of their products, none could match Combilift’s level of expertise in this sector.”


A visit to a Sapa site in Slovakia which also uses Combilifts underlined the suitability of the product for Poznan’s operation and Marek originally considered a combination of CB models together with trucks from the core C series range. Since its introduction in 2008, the original 2.5t compact counterbalance design Combi-CB has been complemented by larger 3t and 4t trucks. The various power options and capacities that this range now offers was therefore ideal for Sapa’s requirements for a fleet based on one uniform design but able to be adapted for specific tasks.


A major cause for concern with the old trucks was the high level of wear and tear on wheels and vulkollan tyres due to the very demanding outdoor surfaces and uneven levels of flooring indoors. Substantial ongoing expenditure on new tyres and the associated costs of maintenance work will now no longer be an issue as the CB’s are fitted with robust solid rubber tyres specifically designed to cope with rough surfaces inside and out.


Combilift Combi-CB
fleet of combilift Combi-CB

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