Increase Safety, Storage and Efficiency when handling Modular Construction Components by Investing in Combilift.

Modular Construction Industry

The Cost Effective Solution for Handling Modular Component

The Combi-SC range does what it promises: it is a cost-effective and flexible large load handling solution which guarantees quick ROI even for companies with relatively low throughput levels.


The Combi-SC’s much lighter unladen weight, at only 17 tonne compared to comparable heavy duty forklifts which can reach 80 tonne, makes it extremely fuel efficient.

Highly Customisable to suit your needs

The multi-lifting point attachment means the Combi-SC can easily lift modular buildings from ground level to trailer and also manoeuvre easily from inside to outside without issue. This elimination of several machines to do a job that a straddle carrier can do in one go seamlessly, it is ideal for this industry especially when dealing with structures on the more delicate side.


✔ Elimination of product damage

✔ Effortless double stacking

✔ Manoeuvre and set down modular homes under low doorways

The low service weight and large puncture proof floatation tyres greatly reduce ground pressure, enabling operation on poor and semi-rough terrain, avoiding the need for costly investment on ground resurfacing or improvement.
The Combilift Straddle Carrier can help maximize storage space by double stacking your product and keeping a narrow aisle width.
Fully customised to suit the customer, this Straddle Carrier is fitted with a telescopic only design to lift these prefabricated garages. As visibility was an important aspect for this truck, our customer opted for a fully remote control machine, allowing them to physically check all area of the machine.
Hear from Owner and CEO Robert Slagel on how Combilift has increased workflow and improved their storage facilities.
The Combi-SC’s design allows it to cradle the load being carried, with chains and slings attached to the top and bottom of the modules from the frame enabling much gentler lifting and even weight distribution. A series of 3-point adjustment bars on the beam offers a multitude of anchoring positions, ensuring easy handling of any sized module.
Caledonian Modular
This machine is fitted with varied lift point attachments to lift a range of different loads, fall arrestors are attached to the operator when unhooking the load via a ladder supplied by a customer.

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