Vacancies at Combilift


We are seeking a CNC Plasma Nester / Production Scheduler to join our team; this position requires co-ordination of the flow of work and materials in the machine shop area and between other departments as well as identifying areas of improvement to increase efficiency.


Job Summary: The suitable candidate is responsible for creating nests for plasma cutting and Peddinghaus plate processor utilizing current software. The candidate is also responsible for verifying and the creation of work schedules so that jobs are aligned to go through production in the Machine Shop Area in a timely fashion in order to meet delivery demands.

Utilize Nesting Software and manufacturing experience to:

  1. Program nests on plasma tables utilizing automated nesting software.
  2. Optimization of sheet steel, with minimal drop where possible and applicable, and utilize those sheets that could not be fully optimised based on production requirements.
  3. Review drawing requirements and identify special requirements or possible manufacturing concerns.
  4. Determine if the item aligns with the inhouse manufacturing capabilities and production scopes.
  5. Identify missing information and request the vital input needed to successfully produce accurate and high-quality parts.
  6. Verify drawings are to scale, correct revision and fully dimensioned and compatible to the nesting software.
  7. Verify required tolerances and quantities are clear, and noted on documentation to assure capability and quantity of the end product.
  8. Prepare nest reports and include the correct drawings for CNC Plasma Machines.
  9. Confer with other departments to determine progress of work and completion dates.
  10. Log information into the production Schedule and update progress on current orders with upmost accuracy.
  11. Work on hand with the machine shop team and report to the machine shop manager on a daily basis.

  •  Experience in using a Nesting software package
  • Experience in using AutoCad Software, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook
  • Have a detailed understanding of part drawings, dimensions and tolerances, and material speciation
  • Understanding of plasma and engineering equipment and fabrication capabilities

  • Previous experience in Production, Planning or other related fields
  • Ability to prioritize and multi task in a fast-paced environment and work well in teams
  • Identify problems, review information and use math & software skills to solve problems