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AC Electric Aisle Master

All Aisle Master’s electric powered models now benefit from AC technology as standard. This puts the company firmly at the forefront of battery powered technology in the articulated sector. BENEFITS OF ELECTRIC The main benefits of AC electric include enhanced performance levels, leading to increased pallet movements for greater productivity and improved acceleration and gradeability. There are also fewer wearable parts resulting in low maintenance and reduced downtime.   Visit AisleMaster

Cold Store Aisle Master

The cost of cold store and temperature controlled warehousing operations is much higher than that of ambient warehousing, making space saving more crucial than ever. Aisle Master’s cold store model keeps you warm and productive in a cold climate. Collaboration with some of the major names in the industry resulted in a model developed specifically for this sector’s exacting requirements whilst guaranteeing optimum storage density. The fully enclosed, high visibility cab keeps drivers warm, reducing the time needed for breaks and increasing productivity. Visit AisleMaster

COMBI-WR Pedestrian Stacker

The first purpose-built pedestrian reach stacker combining innovative features and effortless operation.
  • Capacity: 1450 kg
  • Platform Length: N/A
  • Overall Width: 1512 mm
  • Engine Type Available: Electric
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