AJN Steelstock sticks with Combilifts


Over 55 multidirectional trucks for leading independent stockholder

The history of AJN Steelstock goes back over 60 years, and the company now offers a comprehensive range of facilities for general and structural steel sections. It operates from two large bases, one in East Anglia and one in Somerset which opened in the autumn of 2015.

The new 17 acre site is playing a major role in the company’s expansion plans to increase sales capacity up to 150,000 tonnes per year and can hold in excess of 20,000 tonnes of stock at any one time. AJN was an early convert to the benefits of Combilift’s multidirectional forklifts following the acquisition of its first model in 2001 and it operates a fleet of 35 7t and 4t capacity trucks at its East Anglia site which move 700t of steel a day.

A fleet of 21 Combilifts currently handle 300t of product a day at the new site and this will rise to over 1,000t once the facility is at full capacity. “We originally changed from counterbalance trucks to Combilifts to ensure safe as well as space saving manoevering of our long products – moving 18m beams with a counterbalance truck is not ideal from many points of view – and we have been very happy with the versatility that the 4-way capability offers us,” said Alan. “The Combilifts make a valuable contribution to our aim to establish and maintain the highest standards of health and safety within our industry.”

The mixed fleet of LPG 7t capacity Combilifts and 18 C5000XL models offload 4t or 5t bundles of incoming material from HGVs and pick and take material to and from the shot blast facility, the sawing machines, drilling lines and racking in the two 160,000 sq. ft. warehouses.

“The trucks are constantly on the go across the extensive site and cope excellently with anything we ask of them,” adds Alan. “Collaboration with Combilift when defining the exact specifications was excellent and the training offered to key drivers and maintenance staff at Combilift’s factory ensures optimum levels of operation and service.”

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