The high capacity powered pallet truck that up to the Job

Powerful, economical and thoughtfully-designed, Combilift’s Power Pallet Truck is a highly versatile option, suitable for small to medium-sized warehouses, with a lifting capacity up to 6,000 kg.



Combilift, Combi-ppt

Safely Operate in the narrowest of aisles

Packed with clever features, the Combi-PPT offers both stand-on and walk behind operation with an automatic folding platform that allows the truck to operate in the smallest spaces.

Our patented rotating tiller arm offers a responsive driving experience and can be turned to the left or right which allows the operator to stand to one side, providing full visibility of the load and forks while maintaining full steering control.  This feature eliminates the risk of the operator being trapped or crushed while allowing the Combi-PPT to operate in very narrow aisles.

All-wheel drive allows the Combi-PPT to glide effortlessly around the warehouse, negotiating obstacles with ease.  Unrivalled energy efficiency means you get maximum output from every charge, while quick-change technology enables you to quickly insert a fresh battery and carry on working effectively.

Safety and Narrow Aisle Performance

As with Combilift Solutions, safety was a chief consideration for the Combi-PPT. The multi-position tiller enables push-button rotation of the rear wheel, allowing the operator to remain in the safest possible position when placing and picking in narrow aisles, which is at the side of the unit. This improves forward visibility and greatly reduces the risk of incidents in tight confines. This and its excellent ergonomics make it easy and stress-free to operate

Combi CS Diagram explaining safet features



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Lift Height

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Platform Lenght

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Overall Width

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Engines Types Available

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Suitable for Handling

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Optional Extras

  • Fork Configuration for Reels
  • Wider Forks
  • Longer Forks
  • Closed Fork Heights
  • Lift Stroke
  • Slave Pallets System Available
  • Ride on Platform
  • 7000 – 16000 kg model available

Perfect for the following industries

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Click on the Link to download a detailed Specification Sheet

Download Detailed [pods name=”forklift” id=”combi-ppt” field=”model”] Spec Sheet

COMBi-PPT in Action




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