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The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH Container Handler offers unparalleled performance with features designed to simplify your workflow, while providing extra security, comfort and efficiency.  The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH has optimal tracking due to its 2 Wheel Drive while offering precise control due to its 2 Wheel Braking System. Manoeuvre effortlessly in any space with All Wheel Steer, while relying on the durability and stability of the 14.00×24 Solid Tyres Dual Wheel Assemblies.


The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH Container Handler provides exceptional performance to streamline your workflow. It includes 2 Wheel Drive for optimal traction, a 2 Wheel Brake system for precise control, All Wheel Steer for effortless manoeuvrability, and durable 14.00×24 Solid Tyres Dual Wheel Assemblies for stability. The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH is built to enhance efficiency and performance in all your operations.


Your ultimate solution for seamless container handling operations.
  • Capable of lifting 20’, 30’, 40’, 45’ Containers
  • Independent Sideshift for easy placement of containers
  • Easy access cab, Raised for optimum viewing of all operations
  • Ergonomic Fingertip controls
  • Guided spreader to eliminate load swaying
  • Multiview camera system for extra visibility when working in narrow aisles
  • Engine Bay and Hydraulic Compartment at ground level for ease of Service
  • Access platform of easy maintenance and inspection
  • 8-wheel design for low ground pressure
  • 4 steering modes for increased manoeuvrability
  • Combi Connect Telematics system included for real-time factory support


Discover how the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH High enhances FBT Transwest's operations.
The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH comes with


Stay connected with the Combi Connect Telematics system, which is included for real-time factory support. This advanced system allows you to monitor the performance and condition of your container handler remotely, providing peace of mind and ensuring that you can address any issues promptly.


Experience unmatched comfort and reliability with the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH. This model offers a smooth ride thanks to its Active Hydraulic Suspension and effortlessly handles tasks with its powerful 125Hp Diesel Engine. Precise container positioning is made easy with the 400mm Independent Front & Rear Sideshift, and operations are streamlined with the Fully Automatic 20-40 Toplift Attachment. The fully enclosed operator cabin, equipped with a heater and air conditioning, ensures comfort in any weather.

With a ground speed of 10 km/h and a 6.8m lift stroke, the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH efficiently handles various lifting tasks. It offers controlled handling with lift speeds tailored for both laden and empty containers, ensuring safety and precision. Capable of lifting 20’, 30’, 40’, and 45’ containers, the Combi-SC8 is designed for versatility and efficiency. The independent sideshift facilitates easy container placement, and the easy access cab, raised for optimal visibility, enhances both safety and efficiency. Ergonomic fingertip controls ensure intuitive and comfortable handling, reducing operator fatigue and boosting productivity.

A standout feature of the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH is its guided spreader, which eliminates load swaying and ensures stable, safe handling of containers. The multiview camera system provides extra visibility in narrow aisles, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and improving operational efficiency.


Maintenance of the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH is made easy with the engine bay and hydraulic compartment conveniently located at ground level. This design choice ensures quick and hassle-free access, allowing the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH to remain in top condition with minimal downtime. Access platforms on the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH further facilitate easy maintenance and inspection, making regular upkeep simple and straightforward. With these features, the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH ensures that maintenance tasks are efficient and uncomplicated, keeping your operations running smoothly.

8 Wheels for low ground pressure

The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH’s 8-wheel design ensures low ground pressure, allowing it to operate effectively on various surfaces without causing damage. Its four steering modes provide increased manoeuvrability, enabling it to adapt seamlessly to different environments and operational requirements.


Safety is paramount with the COMBI-SC 3-HIGH. The fully enclosed operator cabin and lift speeds tailored for different container loads ensure operator safety. Additionally, the 2 Wheel Brake system offers precise control, and the Active Hydraulic Suspension enhances stability, ensuring a safe working environment for all operations. The COMBI-SC 3-HIGH is designed to keep safety a top priority.

The Technicals

Technical aspects include advanced features such as a 125Hp Diesel Engine for robust power, Active Hydraulic Suspension for a smooth ride, and a Fully Automatic 20-40 Toplift Attachment for streamlined operations. Additionally, it offers a 10 km/h ground speed, a 6.8m Lift Stroke, 4m/min Lift Speed when fully laden, 6m/min Lift Speed when empty, and 6m/min Lowering Speed, meeting diverse operational requirements.

Technical Specification:

  • All Wheel Steer
  • 14.00×24 Solid Tyres Dual Wheel Assemblies
  • Active Hydraulic Suspension
  • 125Hp Diesel Engine
  • 400mm Independent Front & Rear Sideshift
  • Fully Automatic 20-40 Toplift Attachment
  • Fully Enclosed Operator Cabin, includes heater and Aircon
  • 10 km/h ground speed
  • 6.8m Lift Stroke
  • 4m/min Lift Speed when Fully Laden
  • 6m/min Lift Speed when Empty
  • 6m/min Lowering Speed

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