Combilift Safety Week

To mark National Forklift Safety Day on Tuesday June 9th Combilift will be highlighting how our solutions contribute to increased safety procedures in the warehouse, production facilities and for loading and offloading raw materials and finished products.

The final video of the series features the significant benefits of using Combilift forklift trucks over conventional trucks while moving long loads in your facility.

Combilift Slip Sheet Loads Containers Safely & Efficiently

The Container Slip-Sheet (Combi-CSS) significantly speeds up container loading whilst increasing the safety of the workforce and goods.

Combilift Straddle Carrier Handles Heavy Loads Safely & Efficiently

Combilift\'s Combi-SC range of straddle carriers allow full loads to be prepared at ground level and placed directly onto the truck bed. Easy to operate the Combi-SC can be configured to safely handle a huge array of goods by a single operator.

Combilift Pedestrian Forklift - Combi-WR4 delivers Safe Long Load Handling

The Combi-WR4 is the first purpose built 4-way pedestrian reach stacker that combines safety with a high level of performance. It's multi-directional travel with features such as a pantograph reach, side shift and tilting fork carriage allows safer and secure handling long loads and pallets.

Safer Long Load Handling with the Combi - CB

If you think a counterbalance truck is the answer for your materials handling - think again. The compact, all round, COMB-CB are the perfect replace counterbalance forklifts to offer safer, more efficient and productive operations.

Combilift- Interview with Martin McVicar National Forklift Safety Day 2020 BITA

Combilift CEO Martin McVicar explains the purpose of a good risk assessment and why physical barriers make the safest form of segregation in the workplace. Find out how Combilift has encouraged a culture of safety in for its staff and customers.

Combilift- Enhanced Safety with the Combi-CS Pedestrian forklift

To mark Forklift Safety day, we showcase the innovative safety features of the COMBI-CS pedestrian forklift. Equipped with our patented multi-position tiller arm the Combi-CS offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility and narrow aisle performance.

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