COMBi-4WSL Range

The 4-Wheel side-loader for the long haul

For operations that require robust and fast operation when moving product across extensive sites, the four-wheeled, two directional COMBi-4WSL fits the bill.

Combilift COMBi-4WSL

Robust, Fast & Reliable!

Available with 5 and 6 ton load capacities, the COMBi-4WSL was developed for operations that require reliable, robust and fast operation when moving product across extensive sites and offers considerable benefits over other machines on the market.

Overheating during prolonged operation is a common problem with many sideloaders but the JCB differential axle technology incorporated in these models counteracts any risk of this. Furthermore, the ultra-clean Deutz engine without DPF reduces maintenance costs, reduces fuel consumption and ensures cleaner emissions.

Comfortable & Feature rich

Drivers can be assured of a comfortable ride throughout their shift thanks to the spacious cab with deep suspension seat and an adjustable steering column.

Features such as the rubber mounted cab, all-wheel hydrostatic drive, load sensing steering, plus of course a choice of customised options such as reverse cab position or front access cab enable you to tailor your Combi-SL to exact requirements.

Combilift, Combi-4WSL lifting aluminium extrusionsCombilift, Combi-4WSL lifting aluminium extrusions

Select a model from the COMBi-SL Range


Combilift combi-4wsl

4-wheeled, two directional sideloader

Capacity - 10,000 lbs

Ideal for Long Loads


Combilift combi-4wsl

4-wheeled, two directional sideloader

Capacity - 12,000 lbs

Ideal for Long Loads

A Combilift for All Industries

Combilift has applications in almost every industry.  Structural steel and timber, precast concrete, metals, plastics, agriculture, building supplies, warehousing, even food and drink. 

Long and awkward loads are Combilift’s speciality, but we produce adaptable technology that can fulfil all the needs of your business while simultaneously reducing your fleet size

Customer Stories

Stamco’s seven CombiLift 4WSLs handle over 60,000 cubic metres of timber a year across its 5.5-acre site and cope easily on steep slopes and in wet weather where other trucks struggled.
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Combilifts shift tonnes at Duggan Steel
Five 4-wheel sideloaders covers at least 20 miles day across Duggan Steel’s 16 acre site and clock up over 2,000 hours a year. They are ideal for the surfaces in the yard and the harsh environment.
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