Combilift’s wide range of multi-directional forklifts, pedestrian stackers, Aisle Master articulated  trucks and straddle carriers has enabled thousands of customers around the world to achieve safer, space saving and more productive handling and storage procedures.

Alongside these innovative products, a free service that has long been offered by the Irish manufacturer is a warehouse layout and material flow consultation to ensure that customers make the best possible use of their space – one of their most precious commodities. In the current circumstances, when businesses face the challenges of implementing social distancing, advice from Combilift’s team of design engineers is more valuable than ever.


In addition to the social distancing measures that Combilift adopted early in May, Combilift had put in further measures. These included: keeping most doors in the plant permanently open, but those that cannot remain permanently open are fitted with copper on all the door panels, which significantly reduces the time that a virus can be harboured on the surface compared to stainless steel. Employees are issued with face masks and supervisors’ safety vests feature the 2m warning. Combilift has adapted security fobs for clocking in to replace the manual keying of numbers and employees are thermally-scanned as they enter the building to check for a raised temperature.

Coppered door handles any many other measures
have bene put in place at Combilift’s workplae

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