Designed specifically for the live poultry haul, the Combi-RT is a seriously dynamic and versatile piece of machinery with a wide range of agricultural applications.

Three wheel manoeuvrability plus tractor grip tyres and all-wheel traction with differential lock deliver impressive performance working indoors and out, even on rough terrain.  A small turning circle makes it easy to work inside sheds or enclosed yards and fully hydrostatic drive delivers power and precision as and when you need it.



Perfect Forklift for Live Poultry Transport

Generous 12″ ground clearance avoids unnecessary litter disturbance and during a live haul, the quiet transmission and refined controls offer a smoother, stress-free ride for ultimate livestock welfare. Pivot forks and integrated side shift further enhance the Combi-RT’s precision handling.


There are no mechanical brakes to adjust or replace so maintenance costs for the Combi-RT are low and the reliable diesel or LPG engine offers both performance and reliability. For the driver, an offset driving position affords excellent visibility while a deep suspension seat and fully enclosed cab options provide all-day comfort in any weather.





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Lift Height

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Platform Lenght

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Overall Width

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Engines Types Available

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Suitable for Handling

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  • Rubber Mounted Half Open Cabin
  • Multi-Direction Operation
  • 3 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive
  • Load Sensing Steering
  • 4 Way Lever Positioning of Wheels
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Perfect for the following industries

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