Storage capacity doubled thanks to Combi-CB

Since a multidirectional Combi-CB3000 compact counterbalance design truck was delivered to racking and shelving specialists Todds Leap in Co. Tyrone. It has enabled storage capacity to be doubled and the available working area has been increased by 40%. The company is Northern Ireland’s largest stockist of new and used racking and storage systems and it also offers a refurbishment facility. Busy and growing, it needed to rationalise storage for the wide range of varied stock it stores and moves around.

“As well as making the most of our space we wanted to improve procedures for offloading long loads from delivery trucks and getting them into the warehouse,” said MD Ben Hanlon. “Before we had the Combi-CB we had to juggle with reach trucks and pallet trucks and deploy a number of personnel to safely guide long loads through the door. What used to take up to 45 minutes for one load is now done in three or four minutes – with just one driver. As fewer people and fewer forklift movements are involved this is a much safer process all round.”

The Combi-CB’s 3 t capacity enables heavier loads of racking to now be stacked almost to the eaves of the building, whereas upper space was previously not exploited as Ben felt it was not safe to lift to 6m with other forklifts. The CB’s 4-way capability is a boost when taking bundles to and from the workshop area, where it can place them exactly where they are needed and it easily manoeuvres around workbenches and personnel.

“The Combi-CB works well on all surfaces, which is good for us as we have some tough, muddy areas around the yard,” said Ben. “It is so versatile that one of our reach trucks is practically redundant and we have effectively reduced the fleet down from three forklifts to two.”