Combilift Forklifts Are The Perfect Choice For Handling Timber Products

Enhance Safety, Storage and Efficiency when handling Wood Products by Investing in Combilift.

Combilift is the perfect forklift for handling timber products. Our forklifts and pedestrian stackers of all sizes are designed for long loads of wood products and narrow aisle operation, allowing you to increase your storage, efficiency, and safety. Each forklift can be customized to fit your business needs.

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Combilift is the perfect fit for handling Wood products. Our forklifts of all sizes are designed for long loads of wood products and narrow aisle operation, allowing you to increase your storage, efficiency, and safety. Each forklift can be customized to fit your business needs.

Wood products can often be awkward, bulky loads to handle as they come in different shapes, sizes, and weights – from Lumber frames, packs, bundles and lengths. This variety of goods being handled will cause many problems for regular forklifts and more than one forklift may be needed. A regular forklift will not have the capability to safely move long lengths of materials around the yard, often involving operators traveling with loads held aloft to avoid obstacles.

Combi-CB - Offsite Construction/Wood - Combilift



Have a wood handling problem? We custom build our forklifts to suit your every need.

Combilift provides all-in-one forklifts to eliminate the need for several different machines for a single job. The Combilift 4-way movement gives our forklifts the versatility to transport long loads such as lumber trusses, lengths with the added benefit of ease of movement from indoors to outside settings.

The versatility of Combilift’s forklifts means you can get the job done with total assurance – whether it’s transporting hardware materials from trailer to racking in a single operation or fully loading a trailer of different construction material with just one forklift.

Superior Safesty While Moving Lenghts of Timber


Combilift’s range of innovative forklifts is specially designed to handle the challenges faced by Lumber warehouses or yards. Our multidirectional technology means the operator can alter the direction of travel, allowing long loads to be safely maneuvered in narrow aisles, through narrow doorways, and around obstacles with confidence and utmost safety. The integrated platform enables long loads to be securely rested during transit for stability, reducing the risk of damage.

Combilift’s concept is built around the efficient use of space. Our multidirectional and articulated technology alone can double the capacity of any warehouse. Our FREE warehouse optimization solutions can dramatically increase storage and improve productivity in your warehouse.

“The time saving has been enormous, We are down to five minutes per pack - or four minutes 23 seconds to be precise! - which makes a huge difference when dealing with the four to seven artics a day that we typically load or unload. Quick stock location enables us to adhere to just in time delivery schedules. A knock-on bonus is that we now only need 30 minutes for the monthly stocktake compared to around two and a half hours previously."
Rodney Dalton, Owner of  RH Wilson Ltd
C-Series - Snow -Combilift


The C-series range of forklift trucks is designed to deliver the most productive, safe and reliable way of handling long loads of timber. They improve your workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one; a side loader, counterbalance, and narrow aisle forklift. This revolutionary design eliminates costly double handling of timber and improves productivity.


The innovative Combi-CB is the original multidirectional counterbalance forklift for handling timber. More compact than a conventional forklift the CB is perfect for transporting goods such as palletized loads but has the added advantage of having the ability to carry long loads in sideways mode.


To fulfil the need for a sideloader with the manoeuvrability and versatility of a multidirectional forklift the Combi-SL range was developed. The 3-wheeled sideloader features the highest quality components and innovative technology to offer powerful performance and dependable operation in even the most demanding applications.


The Combi-WR is the first purpose built pedestrian reach stacker with the ability to operate in a VNA aisle of just 2.1m and with a lift capacity of 2000kg. Its excellent ergonomics make it easy and stress free to operate. The unique patented multi-position tiller enables push button rotation of the rear wheel parallel to the chassis and back, allowing the operator to remain in the safest possible position when placing and picking in narrow aisles, namely at the side of the unit rather than between the truck and the racking. This improves forward visibility and greatly reduces the risk of incidents in tight confines.

Combi-WR4 - DIY - Combilift



Before you start looking for a contractor, consider Combilift. Some of our customers have gained 100% extra storage capacity simply by making the switch to Combilift’s smart, multi-directional technology.

Find out more about the clever Combilift approach that enables the operator to change the direction of travel by 90 degrees at the flick of a switch. Seeing is believing, so we’ll show you how Combilift can manoeuvre even long loads down narrow aisles, through standard doorways and around obstacles with ease, enabling racking to be placed closer together, reducing the amount of operational space required, and keeping your overheads down.