Combilift has added a number of new products and enhancements to its range of innovative handling solutions and had planned to exhibit these at various trade fairs in the early part of the year before all major events were cancelled. Information on two of these can be found below.

Innovative Handling Solutions

The Combi-CBE4 4000kg capacity truck is a world first: it is the first electric powered counterbalance design, multidirectional forklift with drive on all of its three wheels. It features the company’s unique internationally patented independent electric traction which provides front and rear drive wheels with 100% traction control, negating the need for differential lock on slippery surfaces. A major advantage of this is precise acceleration and deceleration control for the operator, significantly reducing long load momentum twisting when travelling sideways. Each electric drive incorporates parking and regenerative dynamic braking for power efficiency.

CBE4 #1

Combilift’s ever growing range of pedestrian trucks are designed to be able to replace ride-on forklifts and are particularly popular in busy manufacturing plants where other employees may be working in the vicinity as they offer a high level of safety. These models now feature an enhanced operator display. The 4.3” touch screen now offers a wealth of information and functions to clearly indicate, for instance, the rear wheel position, the truck direction of travel, the truck travel speed and the battery charge state. It also provides an operating hour meter, as well as four selective user levels with programmable drive speeds in each direction. Fault monitoring and logging is a further feature.


Combilift’s products, which are exported to over 85 countries around the world, are all designed for safe, space saving and productive handling of pallets, long loads, containers and oversized loads.