Introducing the
Introducing the Combi-CB70E. The new addition to Combilift’s ever growing range of electric models, which offer powerful performance, extensive battery life and unrivalled ergonomics. The Combi-CB70E is the shortest 7t capacity counterbalance truck on the market whilst also benefitting from multidirectional ability, enabling the versatile space saving handling of both and bulky loads.

Electric Traction

Award Winning Independent Traction

Auto Swivel Seat

Newly Patented Auto Swivel Seat

Suspension Cab

Gas Strut Suspension Cab





Design features incorporated into the high-capacity Combi-CB70E such as its large super-elastic tyres and compact wheelbase make it ideally suited for the operational demands of the timber industry. With a 7,000kg/15,500lb lift capacity, this model benefits from an impressively small footprint as well as exceptional manoeuvrability meaning that it can easily move bulky loads of timber around in confined spaces.

Occupational Safety

The Combi-CB70E has many occupational safety features. A Vibrant Green colour for visibility, Spacious Cab, Tilting Steering, Auto Swivel Seats, Hydraulic Steering and Grammer Seats all make for a stress-free in-cab environment.


Award Winning Traction

The Combi-CB70E comes with its Award Winning Independent Traction negating the need for differential lock on slippery surfaces and significantly reduces long load momentum twisting when travelling sideways. Another amazing feature is its gas strut suspension cab. This combined with the super-elastic tyres, guarantees the smoothest of rides over uneven or less than perfect ground conditions. This mix of next-gen performance, extensive battery life and exceptional ergonomics combined with all the advantages of the Combi-CB range, makes this the most powerful compact electric multidirectional forklift to date.

Auto Swivel Seat

Combilift’s newly developed Auto Swivel Seat automatically engages and swivels the seat and armrest 15° to the right or left to accord with the direction of travel selected by the operator - reducing driver strain, particularly when travelling in reverse. (Patent Pending Application No. 2305983.5)
The increased capacities that we are offering in our electric range will answer the demand for ever more powerful products which at the same time help companies to achieve their aims for more sustainable operations.

~ Martin McVicar