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COMBI-SC3 Standard Chain

Low volume, standard chain, straddle carriers, primarily for the loading and unloading from trailer to ground of containers and various loads
  • Capacity: 75000lbs
  • Overall Height: 203in
  • Overall Width: 194in
  • Loading Area Width: 118in
  • Loading Area Height: 181in
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COMBI-SC3 Telescopic Chain

The Combi-SC range does what it promises: it is a cost-effective and flexible container handling solution which guarantees quick ROI even for companies with relatively low throughput levels. With the Combi-SC’s ability to double stack containers in aisles as narrow as 1.6M you can make more effective use of your storage space. Unmatched reliability, fuel efficiency and much lighter service weight ensure you can maintain maximum levels of productivity. All Combilift straddle carriers are designed to minimise service downtime. Its straightforward design incorporates standard components which are easy to source for extreme reliability and ease of maintenance wherever you are in the world. Safety is of paramount importance for Combilift when designing all its handling solutions and the Combi-SC is no exception. Its optimum centre of gravity, broad wheelbase and exceptional 3-wheel manoeuvrability mean maximum load stability. The centrally located, ground accessible cabin is designed for operator safety and comfort with 360° visibility from the cab meaning they can transport loads in confidence. The user interface is intuitive and all functions can be carried out from within the cab reducing the need for operatives to work at height, which ensures the highest levels of operator safety and productivity.
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COMBI-SC3 Telescopic Toplift

High volume, Straddle carriers for the loading and unloading of containers with telescopic function giving the ability to double stack containers. The Toplift attachment enables the handling of over 12 containers per hour
  • Capacity: 75000 lbs
  • Lift Stroke: 87in
  • Overall Height: 194in - 265in
  • Overall Width: 19300in
  • Loading Area Width: 118in
  • Loading Area Height: 172in - 243in
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COMBI-SC3 Special Application

Often, the material handling challenges you face can be specific to your operation. The Combi-SC's wide range of customization and attachments mean it can be built to deal with any handling challenges you face.
  • Capacity: 45000lbs- 220000lbs
  • Lift Stroke: Customizable
  • Overall Height: Customizable
  • Loading Area Width: Customizable
  • Loading Area Height: Customizable 
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COMBI-MG Mobile Gantry

Highly customizable to fit any load handling challenge. The COMBi-MG is highly adaptable to your needs and can be built to dimensions specifically to suit your application. It can be fitted with a very wide range of lifting accessories to suit any application or industry.
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