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COMBI-SC3 Standard Chain

Low volume, standard chain, straddle carriers, primarily for the loading and unloading from trailer to ground of containers and various loads
  • Capacity: 75000lbs
  • Overall Height: 203in
  • Overall Width: 194in
  • Loading Area Width: 118in
  • Loading Area Height: 181in

COMBI-SC3 Telescopic Toplift

High volume, Straddle carriers for the loading and unloading of containers with telescopic function giving the ability to double stack containers. The Toplift attachment enables the handling of over 12 containers per hour
  • Capacity: 75000 lbs
  • Lift Stroke: 87in
  • Overall Height: 194in - 265in
  • Overall Width: 19300in
  • Loading Area Width: 118in
  • Loading Area Height: 172in - 243in

COMBI-SC3 Special Application

Often, the material handling challenges you face can be specific to your operation. The Combi-SC's wide range of customization and attachments mean it can be built to deal with any handling challenges you face.
  • Capacity: 45000lbs- 220000lbs
  • Lift Stroke: Customizable
  • Overall Height: Customizable
  • Loading Area Width: Customizable
  • Loading Area Height: Customizable