JDM Food Group was established in 2000 and has had to increase factory space year on year after moving to its current site in Lincolnshire in 2010. As production expands, so does the need for storage space, and JDM has been able to make optimum use of every inch of its expensive cold storage facilities by using a Combi-WR.

JDM Food Group supplies a variety of raw ingredients and finished products to food manufacturers restaurant chains and pubs. Its freezer storehouses standard pallets and euro pallets which need to be easily put away and accessed, which is where the compact and manoeuvrable Combi-WR comes into its own in temperatures of minus 18°.

“When we built the freezer a couple of years ago we realised that we needed a truck that would meet the demands of the low temperatures and the very narrow confines and the Combi-WR fitted the bill,” said Logistics Manager Mark Cooley.

“Its easy and straightforward operation was a major attraction. It is quicker cheaper and more straightforward to train operatives and a pedestrian truck is also beneficial from a safety point of view when there are a number of other personnel in and around its vicinity.”

Extreme changes in temperature are testing for equipment but the Combi-WR’s robust build and cold store-specific features allow it to move pallets between the warmer drop off area into the freezer and out again with no adverse effects such as condensation build up.

Mark Cooley: “As we have just the one truck for this application, reliability is crucial and when we need it, nothing else will do, but the Combi-WR has been superbly reliable. It is a no compromise machine that offers us the versatility to handle anything  – even buckets of purees that require very stable transportation – which is when its smooth lift is very advantageous.  I can’t think of anything that would be as flexible and easy to use in our very narrow aisle operations.”

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