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Combilift’s product range is the result of extensive research, innovative thinking and a passion for problem-solving.  Whether you need to lift 1 or 100 tonnes, and whether you’re an independent trader or a global organisation, there’s a Combilift to enhance your operations.

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Multi-Directional Forklifts

The hardworking, versatile design of Combilift’s multi-directional range combines the advantages of a counterbalanced forklift, side loader and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in one vehicle, for a complete solution with electric,diesel or lpg engines.

Combilift’s multi-directional forklifts can be customised according to your application and preferred fuel type, electric, diesel or lpg.  With the ability to work both indoors and out, the need for multiple trucks is eliminated, which optimises fleet size, increases storage space, enhances safety and improves overall efficiency.


Combilift c-series

Original IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multi-directional forklift

Capacity 2,500 kg to 25,000 kg

Ideal for Long Loads


Combilift Combi-CB4 Cut out

Innovative combi-CB multi-directional counterbalance forklift truck.

Capacity - 2500 kg - 4,000 kg

Perfect for palletised and long loads.


Combilift Combi-Mr

Multi-directional stand-on reach truck with superb manoeuvrability

Capacity - 2,500 kg 

Perfect for palletised and long loads.

Sideloader Forklifts

Built to withstand the demands of long load lifting, Combilift’s sideloader forklifts deliver robust performance and exceptional manouevrability. With lift capacity ranging from 2,500 kg to 8000 kg, plus stand-on options for very narrow aisle systems, the versatility of these machines is second to none.

Equipped with excellent ergonomics and all the stamina and speed you need on large sites, while the integrated load-bearing platform offers unrivalled stability during transport.


Combilift combi-sl

Multi-directional side-loader forklift

Capacity 4,500 kg - 6,000 kg

Ideal for Long Loads 


Combilift combi-4wsl

4 wheel Sideloader forklift for long and bulky loads.

Capacity 5,000 kg - 6,000 kg

Ideal for Long Loads over longer distances


combilift combi-st

Multi-directional, stand-on forklift

Capacity 2,500 kg - 4,000 kg

Ideal for Long Loads


Combilift Combi GT-5t.jpg

4 wheel stand-on forklift

Capacity 2,500 kg to 5,000 kg

Ideal for Long Loads


ESL Cut Out

4 wheel electric sideloder forklift

Capacity 6000 kg to 8000 kg

Ideal for Long Loads

Combi-WR Picking in narrow Aisle

Pedestrian Stackers

An economical and safe option for lifting and handling in tight spaces, Combilift’s range of electric pedestrian stackers is crammed with user-friendly features. With lift capacities up to 1,500 kg, the versatility to work indoors or out, our products can cater for anything from small storerooms to medium-sized warehouses and specialist applications.

They can handle standard pallets, long and awkward loads, and everything in between. Boasting Combilift’s award-winning, patented tiller technology, our stackers and pallet trucks are designed with operator vision, overall safety and efficiency in mind.


Combi-PPT 2018 web

Powered Pallet Truck

Capacity 3,000 - 16,000 kg 

Ideal for oversized, palletised loads


Combi-OP Order Picker

Order Picker

Capacity 500 kg 

Ideal for picking long loads in narrow aisles



Counterbalanced Stacker for a narrow aisle.

Capacity 1,000 kg to 1,500 kg

Ideal for Palletised Goods


Combilift Combi-WR

The first purpose-built pedestrian reach stacker

Capacity 1,450 kg

Ideal for Palletised Goods


Combilift Combi-WR4

 The first purpose-built pedestrian reach stacker

Capacity 1,450 kg

Ideal for Palletised Goods

Straddle Carriers

Combilift’s range of straddle carriers and mobile gantry provide safe, efficient solutions for even the most extreme load handling situations.  Distribution, shipping, aerospace, steel fabricators, wind turbines and precast concrete – there’s no load too large or heavy for these workhorses. 

Economical, highly manoeuvrable and fully customizable, the innovative design of our Combi SC range combines power and reliability with a lighter footprint unmatched by any comparable technology, delivering fantastic fuel efficiency and the ability to operate on poor terrain without the need for costly reinforcement.

Our straddle carriers enable preloading from ground level for vastly improved safety, eliminating the need for personnel on trailers, and reducing multiple handling and associated product damage.

straddle Carrier loading a stack of steel


combilift Combi-SC standard toplift

Straddle Carrier for containers and over-sized loads

Capacity 20,000 kg - 100,000 kg

Ideal for Containers & Oversized Loads


Combilift combi-mg

Mobile Gantry

Capacity 40,000 kg

Ideal for Long and out of gauge loads


Poultry & Agricultural forklifts

The Combi-RT was designed specifically to meet the harsh demands of the poultry industry, but its impressive handling and robust construction make it a valuable workhorse for any agricultural business.

Large tyres on a three-wheel chassis with all-wheel traction and differential lock give the Combi-RT a compact turning circle and excellent grip on rough terrain, while a generous 300 mm ground clearance ensures minimal disturbance of litter.  Ultra-smooth controls permit quieter, more refined handling for optimal livestock welfare.



Rough terrain and Live feed forklift

Capacity - 1,500 - 3,500 kg

Poultry, agricultural and rough terrain

Warehousing Forklifts

The Combilift Aisle-Master is a masterpiece of innovation, combining the features of multiple machines and delivering the performance of a counterbalanced forklift and a VNA forklift.

Operating in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres, Aisle-Master offers up to 15 metres of vertical reach with left, right and front loading capability as well as virtually silent operation.

Robust construction and heavy-duty wheels mean Aisle-Master can operate outdoors on semi-rough terrain, eliminating the need for double lifting, reducing fleet size and improving the speed of truck to rack transfer. 

Ergonomic design ensures maximum efficiency and operator comfort.

Aisle-Master articulated forklifts in narrow Aisles



Articulated, narrow aisle forklift

Capacity - 1,500 - 3,000 kg

Perfect for Palletised Goods, Warehouse & Logistics

Container Loaders

Safe, fast and easy to operate, Combilift’s new container loaders are cost-effective container loading solutions that can load a 40-foot container in as little as 6 minutes.

Loading a container is labour intensive. It takes too long and risk of injury to operators and damaged goods is significantly increased. It may take more than one forklift and multiple operators to load the goods inside the container.

The Combi-CSS was developed to significantly speed up the loading of containers by while increasing safety to operators and minimising damage to the product.

Loads weighing up to 30,000kg, are assembled on the platform outside the container and placed into the container.



Fast loading of freight containers

Capacity - 30,000 kg

Perfect for loading any material into containers

Combilift products in action

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