Exitex is the leading developer and distributor of weather-proofing products for doors, windows, conservatories and joinery applications. Exitex is a family run business that was established in 1981. This global establishment has expanded over the past four decades to meet the demands of the growing market, with almost 85% of their product coming off the production line being exported far and wide.

Exitex recently received two new C3000 machines to add to their current fleet of Combilifts in order to meet the demands of their growing customer base.

C-Series models
Philip Allport, Director at Exitex (left) alongside Jurijs, Forklift Operator(right) with their 2 new C3000 models and one of their C4000 models which has been onsite for 6 years.

Phillip Allport, Director at Exitex explained that prior to the arrival of their first Combilift almost 20 years ago (2002) they were using regular forklifts, which made the process of manoeuvring long aluminium extrusions, often up to 6 meters in length, gruelling.

With the arrival of the first Combilift in 2002 they reaped the benefits of being able to manoeuvre such long loads through narrow doorways and aisles, multiplying the storage capacity of their workspace at awkward angles as can be seen in the below image(s).

As can be seen below, the Combilift machines move about the warehouse with ease, despite the relatively challenging wall positioning.

Combilift trucks at Exitex
Combilift trucks at Exitex

Philip Allport noted:

“Prior to the arrival of the second and third Combilift machines we often feared anything happening to the original one because we simply could not function without it!”

With 5 Combilift machines operating across two sites, Exitex no longer have any such concerns.

Phillip Allport further highlighted that Combilifts are “safer, more efficient, and the best in the business for storage solutions” when compared to other brands of forklifts.

The continued success of the business has led Exitex to invested in a new storage facility where they make optimal use of every square inch of space, with guided aisles just 2.2mtrs apart and racking up to 6mtrs high. With a worldwide surge in demand for home improvements during the global pandemic, Exitex has seen a further increase in demand for their products, as well as supply chain challenges, the storage capacity optimisation Combilift provides is arguably more valuable now than ever before.

Micheal, Warehouse supervisor & Forklift Operator “We’d be lost without the Combilifts operating onsite, there’s no other machine with the lift capacity and ability to fit through our narrow-guided aisles”.

Combilift Forklift

The relationship between Combilift and Exitex has grown over the past two decades, with Combilift Salesman Noel O’Dowd delivering the very first Combilift to Exitex as well as the two newest machines and the others in between. Offering expertise and advice to help decide which Combilift model is best fit for the problem at hand.