Worker operating the Combi-XLE, lifting and transporting slabs of precast concrete
Reducing your carbon footprint and making the most out of your warehouse space while being cost-effective is no simple task. Our Combilift C-Series collection, which can help you establish a sustainable forklift fleet, is a great choice for your green warehousing operations. This original multidirectional range was designed to handle long and challenging loads and with a desire to help our customers increase storage, enhance safety and provide greater efficiencies. Check out below some of the key features of our original Combilift multidirectional C-Series Range that can help contribute to your sustainability efforts.

3 Forklifts in 1

The models of the Combilift C-Series range are essentially three forklifts in one. They can be used as a side loader, a counterbalance truck, and a narrow aisle forklift, enabling you to reduce your fleet size substantially. In turn, this is lowering your carbon emissions and making your operations more environmentally friendly. Using numerous forklifts is significantly more labour demanding. Therefore, removing the need to switch between multiple forklifts negates costly double handling and improves productivity.
Timber importer RH Wilson Ltd switched from a combination of conventional sideloaders and counterbalance trucks to a C4000 Combilift multi-directional truck and has achieved impressive results when it comes to space optimisation and stock location. Owner Rodney Dalton: “We were alarmed at the hours and manpower previously involved to locate a specific pack. With the Combilift we are down to less than five minutes per pack, which makes a huge difference when dealing with the four to seven articulated trucks that we typically load or unload every day”
Timber importer RH Wilson Ltd using the

Long-life Operation

Increasing the lifespan of a product has long been recognised as a means of attaining environmental sustainability. Instead of acquiring numerous forklifts, we at Combilift offer tough and reliable universal forklifts such as our built to last C-Series range. They have been subjected to stringent quality control to ensure that our customers receive products with proven longevity.
Downtime can have a significant financial bearing on a business; therefore, our C-Series range offers lower maintenance requirements thanks to solid engineering, straightforward design and easy access to components. Our multidirectional C-Series is built for gruelling schedules both indoors and out, meaning it can withstand complex tasks without causing damage to the machines or loads.
Storage Optimisation

Storage Optimisation

A conventional forklift that cannot transport long loads in narrow aisles can lead to underutilised warehouse space. When warehouse operators fail to use their storage capacity effectively, they are left with no choice except to expand or move to larger premises. As a result, their carbon footprint is unnecessarily increased.
However, the unique design of the C-Series allows our forklifts to travel sidewards and operate in a consistent aisle no matter the length of the product, while its multidirectional operation gives it the versatility to transport loads through doorways as narrow as 2.8 m or 110″. Furthermore, we integrate the truck’s weight into the machine’s chassis, allowing it to be much narrower than a traditional forklift. As a result of these compact and multidirectional features, many of our customers have improved their storage capacity by as much as 100%.

Available in Electric

Since concept, our series range has evolved into a wide range of models suitable for all preferences, needs and applications. It features not only LPG and Diesel-powered trucks but also electrically powered forklifts. Our C-series electric models are an environmentally conscious means of handling a wide variety of palletised and long loads with the ability to block stack and operate in confined spaces. Additionally, our electric trucks are engineered to provide optimum performance at minimum energy consumption. They don’t produce any CO2 emissions while also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases in your warehouse.
Lawsons Timber have invested in our C-series electric range. “We are keen to keep emissions as low as we can for the good of the environment, and also to keep noise levels to a minimum for our neighbours in residential areas. This is definitely the way forward for us and our new orders in the pipeline at the Combilift factory are all electric models. Our drivers also like the quiet operation they offer,” comments Group Transport Manager David Harvey. We are delighted to have supported Lawsons’ sustainability efforts, and we look forward to sharing our innovative solutions with more organisations.

Whatever your load, there is C-series to handle it!

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