Combilift makes light work of handling Containers

The COMBI-SC offers unbeatable turnaround speed with safe stuffing/de-stuffing at ground level. It is a cost effective and flexible container handling solution, it can lift, transport and set down 20′, 30′, 40′,  and 45′ high cube containers, reefer and flat rack containers. 360° visibility from the driver position and 2 minute off-loading from trailer to ground mean faster loading times without the need for trailers waiting to be loaded.

Straddle Carrier Range

Combi-SC3 - Standard Chain

The Combi-SC is the most cost-effective solution for handling 20, 30, 40 and 45ft containers. Its three wheel design makes it the most manoeuvrable container handling solution available.


✔ Ergonomically designed/driver friendly cab

✔ Side Shift Front & Rear

✔ Loading and unloading from trailer to ground

✔ No brake Maintenance

✔ Suitable for 5-7 containers p/hr

✔ Low ground Presence when fully loaded

✔ 360 degree vision when load is lifted

✔ Soft Solid puncture proof tyres


Its patented telescopic function enables the combi-SC to travel through low doorways with ease and double-stack containers when required.


✔ Effortless double stacking of containers

✔ Travels in and out of warehouse’s with ease

✔ Manoeuvre and set down under low doorways

✔ Easy to service

✔ 5-7 containers p/hr

✔ Ergonomically designed/driver friendly cab

✔ 360 degree vision when load is lifted

✔ Exceptional 3 wheel maneuverability

Combi-SC3TA - Toplift Telecopic

High volume, Straddle carriers for the loading and unloading of containers with telescopic function giving the ability to double stack containers. The Toplift attachment enables the handling of over 12 containers per hour.


✔ Effortless double stacking of containers

✔ Manoeuvre and set down under low doorways

✔ 12 – 15 containers p/hr

✔  No brake maintenance

✔ 360 degree vision when load is lifted

✔ Low ground pressure

✔ Travels in and out of warehouse’s with ease

Combi-XPRESS Carrier

Combilift’s Xpress Carrier provides safe, efficient solutions for even the most extreme load handling situations, Ideal for transporting Containers over long distances.


✔ High speed operations

✔ Low centre of gravity

✔ Ergonomic 360 degree cabin vision

✔ Eliminates terminal tractors

✔ 3 speed hydrostatic drive 25 km/h

✔ Fast twist locking system

✔ large pneumatic tyres

✔ Safer and faster handling of containers while loading/off loading

Large pneumatic tyre's

8 pneumatic tyres with built in suspension to offer low ground pressure when operating on light concrete and off-road conditions.


The Combi-Sc can tilt containers at an angle of 75 for efficient and safe off-loading of containers of bulk materials such as foodstuffs, crap material, minerals, plastic granules, chemical products and aggregates
The same machine can invert containers for quick and safe loading of bulk.


The COMBI-SC has the unique ability to position containers flush with a loading bay door, greatly improving the loading/off-loading times.


The optional automatic top-lift spreader bar can be adjusted to handle any ISO containers within the cab, reducing manual strain and protecting operators from the elements.  It grips and picks up the container by 4 twist locks which enable faster and safer throughput of up to 20 containers per hour.


The optional telescopic function enables the COMBI-SC to telescope down to manoeuvre and set down containers under low warehouse ceiling and small doorways. The Combi-SC Telescopic function can pass under a 4m doorway ( can be customised lower ).

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