Customised Forklift for the Automotive Industry

Increase safety, storage and efficiency in the automotive industry by investing in Combilift forklifts, Straddle Carriers and Powered Pallet Trucks.  Handle equipment and components in confidence with significant improvements in productivity and safety throughout the supply chain.


The automotive industry is one that constantly evolves, which means material handling solutions must evolve with them. Combilift has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the automotive industry and has a long history of providing customised handling solutions specifically tailored to meet them.

Electric Forklifts that are safer, with zero emissions

Our range of electric forklifts, straddle carriers, pedestrian stackers and powered pallet trucks, are the perfect long load handling solution for manufacturing facilities that require a clean and quiet working environment with zero emissions.


Our multidirectional technology means the operator can alter the direction of travel allowing long loads to be safely manoeuvred in narrow aisles, through narrow doorways and around obstacles with confidence and utmost safety. The integrated platform means long loads can be securely rested during transit for stability, reducing the risk of damage.

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