The new XLE incorporates features such as high ground clearance, large cushioned front & rear tyres and a spacious cab, allowing smooth operation on semi-rough terrain whilst offering a high level of driver comfort.

Combilift XLE

The perfect Long Load Handling Solution

Combilift has officially launched its latest product, the C5000XLE model. In line with the growing demand for electric powered equipment, this 5,000kg capacity multidirectional forklift combines emission-free operation with powerful performance for a wide range of industries and applications


The C5000XLE incorporates all the features of the original model with the additional advantages of up-to-the-minute technology such as the patented all-wheel traction which reduces tyre wear and load swing, and the enhanced braking system. The use of toughened, eco-friendly water-based paint also dramatically reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs).

Combilift XLE

Benefits of Combilift's new Combi-XLE

Environmentally Friendly

Electric forklifts produce zero emissions. Not only is this good for the environment but beneficial for employees in the vicinity since emissions from LPG and diesel forklifts tend to build up in facilities without proper ventilation. For companies using fans to circulate air in their buildings, cost savings are a bonus.

Zero Noise Pollution

Noise pollution, which can impact on the health and well-being of people as well as wildlife is also a thing of the past thanks to electric power. Operators, the workforce and visitors on site appreciate the quiet operation, as do neighboring residents and businesses.


Electric forklifts are much quieter than their LPG or diesel counterparts. For indoor applications this is a benefit to operators, pedestrians, and owners.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since electric Combilift have no engine or transmission, there is a built-in cost savings associated with switching from LPG or diesel forklifts.

With so many advantages to electric it’s clear to see why the Combilift ET-Series will be extremely beneficial to your Company.

Sustainability at Combilift

With sustainability ever higher on the agenda and the introduction of increasingly stringent emissions guidelines, the addition of this electric model to Combilift’s range will enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint. This offers significant benefits to the environment and the workforce whilst allowing space saving, productive and efficient handling and storage, indoors and out, which is a hallmark of all Combilift products.


At Combilift’s own manufacturing facility, features such as daylighting technology, LED lights with individual PIR sensors, biomass fuel, solar panel energy and rainwater harvesting are all aimed at conserving natural resources and decreasing energy consumption. 95% of the materials used in the truck assembly are recyclable and the company is also on track to save over 1,200 trees in 2021 thanks to the sustainability practices it is committed to.