When space is your largest fixed cost, as is the case at Cheshire Mouldings, the pressure is on to make the most of it. Since Combilifts have replaced a previous combination of counterbalance trucks and a sideloader, MD John Carney calculates that they have created an extra 50% of storage space on the premises.

Cheshire Mouldings is one of the leading stairpart and moulding manufacturers in the UK, supplying major retailers and small independents with an extensive range of decking, moulding and joinery products. “The Combilifts’ 4-way ability is a key advantage for operational flexibility and space-saving handling at our sites,” said John.“

Recent investment in a new warehouse, racking and a C3000 Combi-ST stand on truck has once again enabled every inch of space to be exploited. The stand on cab enables the truck to be narrower than ride-on models, enabling aisle widths in part of the new facility to be cut down to just 2.1m – this compares to 4m needed with conventional counterbalance trucks. Stair parts, handrails and beading can now be stacked in the racking up to 6.8m, more than twice as high as before. John comments: “This new system has effectively turned 8,000ft²  into 16,000ft².”

Guided aisle operation makes it very quick to enter the aisles, easy to steer down them and has the added advantage of greatly reducing the risk of damage to both product and racking. Driver David Lowndes said: “I wouldn’t want to drive any other truck now – the visibility is great, it is easy and comfortable to operate throughout the shift and very stable when putting the 1.5t packs into the top racking.”


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