Combilift, well known around the world for its range of innovative handling solutions such as multidirectional forklifts has proved it has other talents as well by producing feel-good videos because of the pandemic. After a successful Christmas video where a forklift comes to life and donates gifts to down syndrome children, this year the company decided to take part in the Jerusalema dance challenge, which has now become popular in many countries around the world.

Within 10 days the Jerusalema video has reached a staggering 250,000 viewers across Combilifts YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts, making the jump from industry specific marketing to a social media sensation pretty much overnight.

With sales of Combilift trucks rising during the pandemic, this injection of fun has proved invaluable in Combilifts search for new engineers and fitters, as it shows what a great team we actually have already.

In case you missed it, please see below:

How it was made:

Over 200 members of staff from all departments took part in the making of this Jerusalema dance video, from dancers to drivers and the production itself, with the final section featuring 10 dancers from the local Irish dancing school, some of which are the staff members children or close friends from both sides of the Irish/Northern Irish border.

All the choreography was done in-house, with dance teacher Lesley Goggins assisting the staff for the main dance at the end.

Filming took place over 2 days, which meant that production had to be halted for a while, but the morale boost from the staff since filming has increased output which far outweighed this.

We were surprised on how many staff members came together to do the production and didn’t realise we had such talented musicians either!

4 staff members from HR, Engineering, Control Systems and Testing came together to form a band to play the music for the video, a staff member in IT did the drone work, and the marketing team  storyboarded, directed, filmed and edited the entire production internally.

There was great enthusiasm on behalf of the staff to take part, and the two co-founders – CEO Martin McVicar and Technical Director Robert Moffett drove two of the Combilifts during the truck dance.

So, a community effort all round – an aspect of business that Combilift is very keen to promote.