COMBi-SC Range

The Cost Effective Solution For Handling Containers & Oversized Loads

The Combi-SC, Straddle Carrier range is the most economical handling solution for distribution, shipping and industries with heavy and oversized loads. Its manoeuvrability, light footprint and high customisation offer complete independence when moving containers and oversized loads.

Capacity 35,000 kg to +100,000 kg

combilift Combi-SC standard toplift
Illustration of Straddle with containers in narrow Aisle

The Perfect Container Handling Solution

The Combi-SC range does what it promises: it is a cost-effective and flexible container handling solution which guarantees quick ROI even for companies with relatively low throughput levels.

With the Combi-SC’s ability to double stack containers in aisles as narrow as 1.6M you can make more effective use of your storage space.

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Reliable and Fuel Efficient

Unmatched reliability, fuel efficiency and much lighter service weight ensure you can maintain maximum levels of productivity.

All Combilift straddle carriers are designed to minimise service downtime. Its straightforward design incorporates standard components which are easy to source for extreme reliability and ease of maintenance wherever you are in the world.

straddle Carrier loading a stack of steel

Superior Safety & Ease of Operation

Safety is of paramount importance for Combilift when designing all its handling solutions and the Combi-SC is no exception. Its optimum centre of gravity, broad wheelbase and exceptional 3-wheel manoeuvrability mean maximum load stability.

The centrally located, ground accessible cabin is designed for operator safety and comfort with 360° visibility from the cab meaning they can transport loads in confidence.

The user interface is intuitive and all functions can be carried out from within the cab reducing the need for operatives to work at height, which ensures the highest levels of operator safety and productivity.


Combilfit-Combi-SC Straddle Carrier lifting concrete slabs

Faster turnaround

The Combi-SC offers unbeatable turnaround speed with safe stuffing/de-stuffing at ground level. It can lift, transport and set down 20’, 30’, 40’ and 45’ high cube containers, reefer and flat rack containers.

360˚ visibility from the driver position and 2 minute off-loading from trailer to ground mean faster loading times without the need for trailers waiting to be loaded.

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Lighter Footprint

The Combi-SC’s much lighter unladen weight, at only 17 tonne compared to comparable heavy duty forklifts which can reach 80 tonne, makes it extremely fuel efficient.

The low service weight and large puncture proof flotation tires greatly reduce ground pressure, enabling operation on poor and semi-rough terrain, avoiding the need for costly investment on ground resurfacing or improvement.

Combilift straddle carrier carrying large structural steel beam over rough terrain

Select a COMBi-sc type

Select the COMBi-SC model that suits your requirements

Standard Chain
Standard Telescopic
Toplift Telescopic
Special Application

Oversized Loads

Often, the material handling challenges you face can be specific to your operation. Combilift’s approach to handling oversized or awkward loads are well respected and true to our philosophy, every Combi-SC is highly customisable and can be built to your exact requirements becoming the ideal solution to the material handling challenges you face

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Combilift, combi-SC Straddle Carrier placing a wind turbine component

Robust and Reliable

The Combi-SC’s robust build, its super elastic tyres, a lack of over sensitive electronic components and the ability to work on semi-rough terrain make it the ideal workhorse for any tough environment.

So contact Combilift and we will build you a bespoke carrier ideally suited for your needs which will save you money, increase productivity and much more.

Combilift, Straddle Carrier, Combi-SC transports a container out through a narrow doorway

Effortless Double Stacking & Transport Under Low Doorways

The optional telescopic function enables effortless double stacking of containers whilst also being able to telescope down to manoeuvre and set down containers under low doorways.


Combi-SC Straddle carrier double stacking a 40 foot container with toplift attachment

Faster throughput with the Automatic Top-Lift Spreader

The optional automatic top lift spreader can be adjusted to handle any ISO containers from within the cab, reducing manual strain and protecting operators from the elements.

Used to grip, pick up and double stack containers by means of four twist locks which enables faster and safer throughput of 20 containers per hour.

Safer Container Tipping

The Combi-SC can tilt containers at an angle of 75° for efficient and safe off-loading of containers of bulk materials such as foodstuffs, scrap material, minerals, plastic granules chemical products and aggregates.

The same machine can invert containers for quick and safe loading of bulk.

Combilft straddle carrier tipping container out
Combilft straddle carrier, combi-SC remote control carrying sheet of Steel

Remote Control Option

Combilift offer a remote control option for the Combi-SC which offers safety and productivity benefits. Increased visibility and easier rigging alignment mean safer conditions. The need for a spotter/banksman in a confined area is eliminated increasing return on investment.


Combi-SC with swing arms to support load

Load Stabiliser System

The retractable load-bearing system which is unique to the Straddle Carrier, supports the suspended load, eliminating swing, greatly increasing safety.

Combilift straddle Carrier Dock loading 20ft container

Efficient Dock Loading

The Combi-SC has the unique ability to position a container flush with a loading bay door greatly improving loading times.


SOLAS Compliant Weight Measurement System

Combilift has responded to the new SOLAS Regulations which came into force from 1st July 2016, by offering a fully compliant weight measurement system on the Straddle Carrier.

The regulations mean that the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) documentation will be required prior to loading cargo onto ships.

The new system allows the Straddle Carrier to weigh loads once, in real-time, to an accuracy of +/-1% effectively making it a mobile weighing system.

This system is much more efficient than a weighing bridge which must weigh the load multiple times, measuring the same tractor unit with load and without.

Combilift, Combi-SC straddle carrier, loading a 20ft container onto a trailer
Combi-SC Straddle carrier double stacking a 40 foot container with toplift attachment

Solas Features
  • Accurate to +/- 1%.
  • OIML compliant – Optional
    Rated to IP67
  • Stainless steel load measuring pins
  • 1 x Ruggedised cab mounted tablet for data storage
  • Combi-SC can be considered mobile weighing system within a given area with all the advantages of the Straddle Carrier
  • Highly cost-effective in comparison to fixed weighing system that cannot easily be relocated

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The Combi-SC Straddle Carrier is highly customisable and can be configured to handle any load. So if you have a product handing challenge, talk to us and we build the ideal solution for you. 

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