Combilift ist die solide Wahl für Ihre Betonbedürfnisse.


Ideale Produkte für die Betonindustrie



Combilift is the perfect fit for the concrete fabrication industry. Our forklifts of all sizes are designed for long loads of concrete products and narrow aisle operation, allowing you to increase your storage, efficiency and safety. Each forklift can be customised to fit your concrete needs.

Concrete products can often be awkward, bulky loads to handle as they come in different shapes, sizes and weights – from concrete slabs to large pipes. This variety of goods being handled will cause a great deal of problems for regular forklifts and more than one forklift may be needed. A regular forklift will not have the capability to safely move long lengths of materials around the yard, often involving operators travelling with loads held aloft to avoid obstacles.



Combilift’s large range of forklifts means there is a Combilift forklift for every size of job. Have a unique problem load? We custom build our forklifts to suit your every need.

Combilift provide all-in-one forklifts to eliminate the need for several different machines for a single job. While 4-way movement gives our forklifts the versatility to transport long loads, palletised goods such as cement or bricks can just as easily be moved around indoors and outside

The versatility of Combilift’s forklifts means you can get the job done with total assurance – whether it’s transporting hardware materials from trailer to racking in a single operation or fully loading a trailer of different construction material with just the one forklift.



Combilift’s range of innovative forklifts is specially designed to handle the challenges face by concrete warehouses or yards. Our multidirectional technology means the operator can alter the direction of travel, allowing long loads to be safely manoeuvred in narrow aisles, through narrow doorways and around obstacles with confidence and utmost safety. The integrated platform enables long loads to be securely rested during transit for stability, reducing the risk of damage.

Combilift’s concept is built around the efficient use of space. Our multidirectional and articulated technology alone can double the capacity of any warehouse. Our Free warehouse optimisation solutions can dramatically increase storage and improve productivity in your warehouse.

„The reliability of the SC enables us to adhere to quick turnaround times so we don’t have to keep lorry drivers waiting for their deliveries, and health and safety is assured. We can look forward to building ever longer precast units without worrying about how we are going to handle these giant structures. The SC has been a very worthwhile investment.“- Managing Director Wilbert Moore, Moore Concrete


Die Stapler der COMBI C-Serie wurden entwickelt, um die produktivste, sicherste und zuverlässigste Handhabung Ihrer langen und speziellen Lasten zu gewährleisten. Sie verbessern Ihren Arbeitsablauf, indem sie effektiv zu drei Gabelstaplern in einem werden; einem Seitenstapler, einem Gegengewichtsstapler und einem Schmalgangstapler. Dieses revolutionäre Design eliminiert kostspielige doppelte Handhabung von Material und verbessert die Produktivität.


The Combi-SC, Straddle Carrier range is the most economical handling solution for distribution, shipping and industries with heavy and oversized loads. Its manoeuvrability, light footprint and high customisation offer complete independence when moving containers and oversized loads.

All Combilift straddle carriers are designed to minimise service downtime. Their straightforward design incorporates standard components which are easy to source for extreme reliability and ease of maintenance wherever you are in the world.

Combilift - Combi MG - Precast Concrete


The Combi-MG Mobile Gantry is the perfect solution for handling and conveying extremely large loads typical of industries such as  precast concrete and large scale structural concrete industries, shipping, aerospace, wind turbine and large scale civil industry.

Highly customisable to fit any load handling challenge, the Combi-MG is highly adaptable to your needs and can be built to dimensions specifically to suit your application. It can be fitted with a very wide range of lifting accessories to suit any application or industry.



Bevor Sie nach einem Auftragnehmer suchen, sollten Sie Combilift in Betracht ziehen. Einige unserer Kunden haben 100% zusätzliche Speicherkapazität gewonnen, indem sie einfach auf die intelligente multidirektionale Technologie von Combilift umgestellt haben.

Erfahren Sie mehr über den cleveren Combilift-Ansatz, mit dem der Bediener die Fahrtrichtung auf Knopfdruck um 90 Grad ändern kann. Sehen ist Glauben, also zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Combilift auch lange Lasten in engen Gängen, durch Standardtüren und um Hindernisse mühelos manövrieren kann, sodass die Regale näher beieinander platziert werden können, der erforderliche Betriebsraum reduziert wird und Ihre Overheads erhalten bleiben Nieder.