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At Combilift, we won’t just tell you what our expertise can bring to your business – we’ll show you.

Combilift’s innovative, multi-directional technology coupled with over 20 years of experience in volume optimisation means we’re experts in making your space work harder.  Our free warehouse planning consultancy service lets you visualise the potential Combilift can unlock within your existing footprint. 

Save up to 100% more storage with Combilift

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Site & Warehouse Optimisation Consultancy Service

Before you start looking for a contractor, consider Combilift. Some of our customers have gained 100% extra storage capacity simply by making the switch to Combilift’s smart, multi-directional technology.

Find out more about the clever Combilift approach that enables the operator to change the direction of travel by 90 degrees at the flick of a switch. Seeing is believing, so we’ll show you how Combilift can manoeuvre even long loads down narrow aisles, through standard doorways and around obstacles with ease, enabling racking to be placed closer together, reducing the amount of operational space required, and keeping your overheads down.

Increased Mfg CL & AM

A personal approach

As part of Combilift’s expert consultancy service, we’ll use your floor plans to create compelling 2D and 3D visuals demonstrating Combilift’s ability to increase your capacity without the need for additional warehousing.

All round efficiency

By combining all the features of counterbalance, sideloader and narrow aisle forklifts, Combilift has the power to transform the way our customers look at storage, especially for long and awkward materials. 

Powerful, precision lifting technology means Combilift can exploit every inch of vertical space while its ability to manoeuvre through narrow aisles and doorways means our customers can dramatically increase the amount of racking in their warehouses. 

By optimizing existing storage, Combilift minimizes costs, environmental impact, and product damage improves safety and makes your business more efficient. 

Combilift’s bespoke approach means we can customize our products to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer, while our commitment to innovation and development means we are always looking for ways to push our technology even further.

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Want to Optimise Your Storage Facility Now? - Let's get Started

Increase Space, Improve Efficiency and Save Money with our free site optimisation service.

Simply tell us a little about yourself and your facility. Then upload your site plan. Our team of optimisation experts will help you get the most from your storage facility.

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