The CombiKids forklift book is a real page turner, filled with adventure and excitement.  It is a wonderfully appealing story for children about forklifts and to add to the appeal, there is a three page Activity Section at the back of the book.

The CombiKids forklift book includes something for all age groups, including a mix of one-off activities (Join the Dots and a Word Search) and activities that can be completed again and again (a Maze, Spot the Difference and a Map of the World).


CombiKids is now available to purchase online and instore. We are proud to announce that 100% of your your donations will go to Make a Wish, Ireland. 

100% of your donations from CombiKids books purchased, online or your local store, will be donated to:


The CombiKids forklift story begins on a very special day for three of the CombiLift trucks, Stretch, Allie Aislemaster and CB. They have graduated from the Forklift Academy and are moving to a new home to start work. However, everything doesn’t quite go according to plan… two ‘baddies’, BishBashBob and NettieNu (who, by the way, are not CombiLift trucks) play a dastardly trick on them.  Will the forklift trucks realise they have secret superpowers, so they can get out of danger…? You will have to read the book to find out!

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Meet The Family!


Allie Aislemaster is calm in tricky situations. She is very clever and kind to her friends. Her superpower is rotating and twisting!

AM Electric Cut Out

The Aislemaster is an articulated forklift which can work in very narrow aisles –  enabling customers to store more and reduce operating costs.
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CB is energetic, a fast learner and very enthusiastic about lifting all kinds of everything. His superpower is multi-directional turning, which means he can turn his wheels sideways!

Combi-CB 700px

The Combi-CB counter balance multi-directional forklift is the perfect all-rounder with the ability to transport a wide range of pallets and long loads in narrow spaces.
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Stretch is sturdy, safe and trustworthy. He looks out for his friends. His superpower is multi-directional turning, which means like CB, he can also turn his wheels sideways.

C-Series 700px

The C-Series is a multi-directional forklift. It has the ability to quickly change the direction of its wheels and move in any direction. 


Stradus is very strong and always cheery and helpful. His superpower is safe-lifting and strength.

combilift Combi-SC standard toplift

The Combi-SC handles containers and oversized loads. It is highly customisable and can be built to exactly to customers needs to handle loads safely.



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